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July 20, 2021 | Police Chief Endorses RESIST10 Training Group

James Johnson, Former Chief of Police, Baltimore County Police Department

"It is not uncommon for serious injury caused by accident or tragic violence to occur in our workspaces and private life. We read daily of these incidents and emergency aid that was or could have been provided to save a life. As a forty-year public safety professional and currently working in the private sector, the need for basic training to respond, escape, survive violence and render lifesaving aid has never been greater. I have relied upon RESIST10 Training Group, to offer realistic, practical training to our employees to respond when faced with an incident with potential grave danger or actual serious life-threatening injury requiring immediate traumatic bleeding care.

I highly recommend RESIST10 Training Group to prepare for and respond to tragic violence and serious traumatic bleeding incidents."

James Johnson (Ret. Police Chief, Baltimore County MD)

Executive, Multi-Housing and Property Management Industry


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