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What our students and others are saying...

"I had 4 girls at my house after school and its all they could talk about! They really learned so much and can't wait for the next training..."  Stephanie B.

"this equipment is very beneficial. We don't even have this!"  F.C. Police Commander

"...presentation was very informative. He gave us a lot of good tips on how to protect ourselves... I recommend bringing this course to your employees, students, teachers and your community! Thank you David!" Sandra H.

"it goes beyond just fighting an intruder. It teaches students care for one another after the shooting to survive until first responders arrive!!! Well Done!" Catalina K.

"My granddaughter actually felt empowered! Confident!" Vici C.

"WoW that was easy for me to quickly learn how to stop a life-threatening bleed with ease. The app is really cool." Rick S.

"David Hopp...stopped in today to give us his expertise on active shooter survival. Great advice on a very serious subject." Kristy B. CBS WJZ13 Baltimore

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