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RESIST10 Shares Life Saving Skills with news organizations near and far!

With recent Active Shooter incidents on the rise, news organizations, including those from Baltimore, Washington, DC., and as far as the Netherlands, visited with RESIST10 Training Group and spoke with Head Instructor, Dave Hopp for insight into life-saving skills that help prevent and respond to active shooter incidents.

photo credit NOS, Netherlands

Dave Hopp stated, "You cannot underestimate the importance of implementing comprehensive threat assessment models to identify and provide help to those in need, prior to active shooter situations," when explaining "if we prevent then we won't have to respond." However, as he added, active shooter incidents, or as Hopp refers to them, active killer incidents do occur. How we prepare for and respond to these incidents is the matter of life and death.

In the RESIST10 Option Based Survival Program training, instructors teach participants that they are their own first responders during an active shooter situation and empower them to survive. From the time an incident starts, emergency response times can be as much as 12 to 14 minutes. Many studies, including those from the Department of Homeland Security, demonstrate that many active shooter incidents last less than 10 minutes. From leaving a location, hiding and preparing to combat the perpetrator, and treating the critically wounded, participants go through hands-on scenarios that clearly demonstrate that they can in fact survive.

RESIST10 Option Based Survival training is presented to businesses, schools (k-college), religious institutions, and individuals. Training programs are tailored to properly fit each audience and as Hopp stressed, are not presented in a fearful but in an empowering method. "When participants high-five each other and are smiling, you know they feel empowered and learned something meaningful from the training."

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