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Institute of Notre Dame receives RESIST10 Proficiency Rating during Active Shooter training.

On the morning of December 12, 2018, it was a curious day for most faculty and staff at the Institute of Notre Dame, school for girls, located in Baltimore City. This was the day they all had been waiting for. The day they would finally be empowered and learn how to protect themselves, their co-workers and students in the event of an Active Shooter or Assailant incident.

Members of the RESIST10 Training Group provided classroom instruction and hands on scenarios to faculty and staff. The class started with an assessment of current policies by way of an Active Shooter hands on scenario, then, moved onto lecture and ended with 3 additional post training scenarios.

The class was graded on their proficiency to properly respond to scenarios requiring them to either Run, Hide and Prepare or Fight. Members of the training team provided instruction on the RESIST10 Method. The RESIST10 Method stands for:

Refuse- to follow rules regarding where you can and cannot go or to become a victim.

Escape- if safe to do so and to run as fast and far as you can away from danger.

Survive- develop the survival and security mindset to always be prepared and willing to do what it takes to survive while protecting themselves and others.

Interrupt- as a last resort, and develop Interrupt Teams to interrupt the decision making process of assailants.

Swarm- as a last resort to control an assailant and secure weapons in coordination with I Interrupt Teams.

Teamwork- working as a team to do what it takes to prevent violence or to stop an assault should it occur.

Students learn to do what it takes to survive for 10 minutes, the average time of an Active Shooter event, according to ASIS International, which allows them to survive an incident.

It was remarkable to see the transition from the all too common, shelter and hide in place, during the pre-training scenario, to the highly proficient response by IND during the 3 post training scenarios.

The 3 hour RESIST10 course provides instruction on active shooter/assailant history, developing the survival mindset, prevention, response to active shooter/assailant incidents and response by First Responders.

The RESIST10 Training Group, in conjunction with Centennial Protection Group, provides comprehensive security and protection services, Crisis Management Policy development and Active Shooter/Assailant training in a comprehensive approach to allow people to live their lives, learn and work in an environment where they can be empowered to be safe and take care of themselves and others.

Do you want to be empowered?

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Classes are scaled to fit all age levels. Visit and for more information.


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